Who We Are

With versatility and experience, we have successfully emerged as leading company in horse racing. Along with Niche Film Farm and Niche Agriculture, we are founders of Niche Racing and have an elegant fleet of horses. Gang racing is one of the most unique experiences one can have, and with our diverse range of horses, you are sure to get your taste catered. Horse racing has been one of the most elite performance sports in history and at Niche Racing we ensure you a cordial, amusing, and pleasurable experience. All our horses are well trained and provide a sense of ardor and diligence on the racecourse. Niche Racing has been in the business for several years and we are looking forward to widening our horizons by shoving a good time for our members. Our horses are well decorated with exceptional winnings over the years that serve as the testimony to our successful practice. Our motto is to uplift the glory of horse racing.


Our Mission

With our adaptability and versatility Niche Group has developed a global name in the cutthroat industry with our existing businesses. We believe that the principles laid down by our wise founders are the Oars to our success all across the globe. At Niche Racing, we realize that the sport of horse racing Is one that belongs to the elite and there is certain panache in it. Our horses have always been successful at impressing their skill and winnings which is why we have a thriving organization that aims to take the horse racing sport to the next level. Our mission is to glorify the sport of horse racing even further with commitment and conviction.

Our Vision

Niche Racing has a notable and eminent name in the horse racing industry across India. Our vision is to go forward with the motive to expand globally so that more and more people can feel the pride of being associated with the exclusive sport of horse racing. It is a lavish experience that no one should be deprived of. With our well-trained horses, we believe that we have the capability to upswing further globally. We also aim to enlighten larger numbers of people about the sport of horse racing and how it can be a life-changing experience for all.

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