We have elite jockeys that possess great abilities require for winning. Our jockeys are the toughest, most versatile and intelligent. They study the races just like a bettors and formulate the game plan for each race they are going to ride. Niche Racing have aggressive jockeys that keep a pace with horses and control their speeds.


Niche Racing believes if a man doesn’t make a mistake, it will never make anything, which is true in the rings for riding. Our training reflects our passion for horse training. With years of research and expertise, our trainers made many good years of hard work with our horses. Our Trainers have great knowledge, devotion, affection and ardor towards horses. They have natural instincts and affinity with horses. Also, all our horses are dutiful and deferential delivering a prodigious and marvelous experience. Hence, behind every winning horse, there is a great trainer who put all his efforts and passion, shed his sweat and blood to train a horse.